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Pneus Metro 24-Hour Road Assistance24-Hour Road Assistance...
Pneus Metro offers 24-hour emergency commercial roadside assistance and can manage a fleet's tire program from new-tire purchasing through tire scrap disposals. We provide rapid service, economy and reliability, providing peace of mind for our truck customers. Numerous trucking firms, leasing companies and private fleets turn to Pneus Metro for breakdown service. With existing and new emerging information technology, Pneus Metro can also offer you effective tire management solutions that can facilitate your move to outsourcing your fleet retreading solutions and maintenance programs.
Bandag® Retreading Cutting-Edge TechnologyBandag® Retreading Cutting-Edge Technology...
Pneus Metro has assembled the most technologically advanced equipment available for retreading. We feel that highly trained people armed with the finest tools and using top-quality materials will produce consistently great retreads. Bandag® is the best precure tread rubber on the market today and Pneus Metro has invested not only in the best-trained personnel, but in the most technologically advanced retreading facility that can be built. Quality Bandag® retreads are a great investment in your fleet's overall health. Bandag® factory, world leader of the retreading industry is located directly on our premises. Retreads not only cost substantially less than new tires but will often outperform new tires in wear, efficiency, and traction translating into reduced downtime, lower fuel costs, and greater control when you need it.
Pneus Metro Bandag® Fleet Tire ManagementFleet Tire Management...
Pneus Metro has become one of Canada's leading tire management Bandag® retreading expert for fleets of all sizes and types, handling any or all of a fleet's tire chores. Outsourcing your fleet's tire management business to Pneus Metro will provide you with quick access to specialized expertise and state-of -the-art computer technologies. Our tire management solutions include information, analysis, and recommendations, as well as goods and services. We offer to take over any or all of a fleet's tire program and offer a full range of tire management support services. Our wide range of services includes tire monitoring, tread application analysis, casing inventory management, failure analysis and complete tire management solutions. Technical support as well as detailed reports on tire and tread performance is available for monitoring fleet tire management programs allowing for better resolutions concerning potential tire problems. We ensure the follow-up of all tire management phases from the assembly and disassembly, rim refurbishing and our knowledgeable staff will assist you with new tire specifications and retreaded tire disposal when your tires have delivered all of their potential.
Pneus Metro's wheel refurbishing program offers you the money saving opportunity to reclaim some of the investment you originally made in your truck rims. We can extend the life of your rims by as much as 50% by cleaning, media blasting, and applying top quality paint in standard or custom colors allowing you to place your rims back in service clean, rust-free, and looking good. Our approach to wheel refurbishing is founded on our commitment to safety. The process can also add life to your tires in a way, by removing grease, rust, and corrosive materials from the rim that might damage your beads. Proper inspection of the rims during refurbishing points out worn lugholes, cracks, or improper fit of lock rings.

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