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Bandag® Inc. - Retreading IS recycling! You may be certain that Pneus Metro is deeply concerned about the environment and wants to leave the world a better place for future generations.
Bandag® Retreading... Our way to a better environment! When you choose Bandag® retreads you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to make a real contribution to the sustainability of our environment. Retreading IS Recycling! As the world leader in tire retreading, Bandag®'s contribution to recycling is substantial. Retreading IS Recycling!
Why?... Because Bandag®'s manufacturing process complies with best practice international environmental standards and proud to play a part in restoring the earth's health for the next generation.
Retreading IS Recycling... Retreading is a highly practical and efficient form of recycling. Retreading makes it possible to re-use worn tires. Instead of dumping tires with worn out tread and good sidewalls, they can be rebuilt and put back to work again, and again.
Commitment to the environment... Protecting our environment for future generations is also important to Bandag®. Not only is the retreading process environmentally friendly but in November 2001 Bandag® Manufacturing Pty Limited became accredited to ISO 14001 by a third party assessor.

Reduce pollution... Tire dumps are a major source of pollution. Not only are they an eye-sore, they attract vermin, hold water, create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and, most dangerously, are highly combustible, releasing toxic fumes and dense smoke into the atmosphere when ignited. With retreading, tires stay on the road longer so fewer tires pile up in landfill dumps.

Conserve oil... Studies conducted in the USA shows that it takes around 80 liters of crude oil to produce one new truck tire. On the positive side, to retread a truck tire takes only one fifth of the oil required to produce a new tire. Retreading conserves hundreds of millions of gallons of oil every year.

Less energy... Bandag®'s unique, advanced Cold Process Retreading technique uses less energy to create a product with a wear performance similar to that of a new tire. Some retreads use a hot cap process with temperatures as high as 160 degrees Celsius to cure retreads, Bandag®'s specially developed process uses a low 99 degrees to bond the tread to the casing. Depending on its quality and condition, a well constructed truck or bus tire, can be retreaded 2, 3 or more times, and only one worn tire casing requires disposal instead of many.

Conserve resources... Let's face it, our money is a precious resource that demands careful management. That's why Bandag® retreads appeal so much. Quality retreads are a lot less expensive than new tires. As a rule, when used tire cases are retreaded, replacement costs can be cut by up to 75%. Case studies conducted over several years show that Bandag® retreads cost less in cents per kilometer than retreads from other manufacturers.
  Source Credit: http://www.Bandag.com/

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